For all boaters in the northeast

2020's big planned projects?

A complete rebuild of the 2008 trailer's brake system...

After only a few years of washing and cleaning, they have failed due to corrosion from the salt water environment.

‚ÄčThe lights were all rework in 2019 and are looking great with new wiring, LED fixtures and heat shrunk connectors. (not like it came from the factory...)

VHF Radios?

Planning on replacing the fixed mount and portable systems. The fixed mount has not aged well and the buttons are barely visible and the volume-on/off dial turns very hard. The mike is not that great anymore. And it's only 10 years old.

My backup portable unit is not working at all. the Antenna is not sealed and the unit will barely come on with the power adapter connected.. That one is only 4 years old..